Saturday, October 14, 2006

Michael Ruhlman's Blog

If you love food writer and author Michael Ruhlman, then you'll get to read him much more often! Having filled in over the summer as a guest blogger at, Ruhlman has launched his own blog covering the food world, restaurants, chefs, and food writing. As he puts it in his welcome:

So here I am, with an occasional blog about food and cooking and cheffing. Because it matters. How we eat, what we buy and what we grow and how we feed ourselves, how we cook for our families and friends -- it's all immediately tied into the most important mysteries, obligations and needs of being human.
Welcome to the world, Ruhlman! And for those who haven't read his books, make sure you do. The best places to start? The Making of a Chef (Owl, 1999), The Soul of a Chef, (Penguin, July 2001), and his newest, The Reach of a Chef (Viking, May 2006).

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ruhlman said...

thanks for the kind words and good encouragment. very much appreciate them.