Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Greg Hardesty's Latest

You guys don't need me for this -- looks like most of you have already found the blog covering Greg Hardesty's latest project, Recess.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Jordan Family Blog

Mollie Eley has set up a new blog for everyone interested in tracking Gabe's progress. It's also a good place to register support and monitor any ways you can help.

Update: The family has set up a site so friends can track Gabe's progress:

Monday, November 09, 2009

Gabe Jordan -- Stable but Critical

All, lots of emails and phone calls today. Like all of you, I'm just heartbroken about Gabe Jordan, who many know from Goose, the Market. I don't have many more details but I know Chris Eley will let the entire Goose family know how things are going. I'm told Gabe is still critical but stable condition at Wishard. Mollie Eley will be coordinating meals for the family in the coming days.

Channel 6 had an update to the story tonight. Warning, the video is hard to watch as it features the audio from the 911 call.

A friend called me this afternoon and we talked about the hard year the Indianapolis culinary scene has had. Hold Gabe, Brook and their entire family in your prayers.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mobilize for Patachou

Hey, folks, here's something all of us as food lovers should be able to rally behind. Cafe Patachou will be moving shortly from their current location at 49th and Penn to the renovated Hamaker Pharmacy space on the corner -- just a few doors down. Owner Martha Hoover also plans to open Napolese, a pizzeria in the former Landrigan real estate space facing 49th. Apparently some residents in the neighborhood aren't so excited -- specifically about her request for a variance for outside seating. (There is, we've heard, some concern that the build out will be too much like Moe and Johnny's and turn the quiet corner into a beer-drinking Butler student hang out.)

We kind of think an expansion and addition for a decent local restaurant owner is a good thing. (And she's trying to do the right thing, considering, as Hoover notes, that many restaurants don't even bother to get a proper permit for outside seating,) If you support the expansion, too, please visit the Cafe Patchou website where Hoover has explained the situation in a letter to customers, neighbors, and supporters along provided the address, phone number and email of the city planner to contact. Please write or email to voice your support.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BLINDY Nominee 2009

Hey, kids, I've been prepping for BlogIndiana 2009 which in only its second year has turned into a pretty darn big deal! (Great work, Noah and Shawn!) I present tomorrow and will sit on a panel on Saturday with some pretty darn cool bloggers.

And wow, honor of honors, even with our sparse output this summer, Feed Me/Drink Me was nominated for a BLINDY Award as Best Arts and Entertainment blog. Now, as you know, the full scope of A&E is pretty far outside this blogs purview -- especially compared to Lou Harry's blog at the IBJ. But, as they say, it's an honor just to be nominated. (So, go vote for me, will ya'?) Other nominees include Lou Harry's A&E blog; the fabulous Gabrielle Poshaldo's fashion blog Haute in the Heartland; Nationalities Council, and Saturday Morning Central.

I have no idea how the nomination procedure worked, but will pass it on for the rest of you deserving folks for next year.

Hope to see many of you tomorrow.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Blog Indiana 2009

Hey, kids, BlogIndiana 2009 is quickly approaching August 13-16 on campus at IUPUI.

A few folks have asked why I'm speaking when I clearly haven't been blogging all summer. Well, this blog is nearly 5 years old, and if blog years are like dog years, then I'm an elder -- and you'd let your grandmother speak, wouldn't you? The conference also focuses heavily on social media, something we've been working on quite a bit around here lately. Additionally, there are issues I'll cover that many bloggers might find of interest especially those who have started local review blogs or play in a more national space. Food blogs have come into their own in the past few years and while nationally there have been debates about ethics and codes of conduct, some simpler advice may help some of the new local crop along.

* Review policies and why you need one
* Blogs and main-stream media (an issue especially in the wine-blog world)
* Comments, moderation, managing your community
* Review blog ethics like not accepting free stuff in exchange for reviews (and certainly *not* blackmailing business owners like what recently happened to Crocs-owner George Smith.)

I'll also cover Creative Commons, legal photo usage, and answer all manner of questions (if I can) about practical guidelines for bloggers to protect you, your non-profit or company, and maintain the freedom to create a great blog.

We'll also have room to discuss longer-term blogging issues such as building your brand, bloggers block, finding a voice, thinking about why you're really doing it, and creating room for experimentation.

Conference organizers Noah Coffey and Shawn Plew have a heck of a three-day event planned with special sessions for non-profits, higher education, and a whole day on social media (with a food panel featuring Jeff Lefevere of, Heather Sokol of, Kirsten Eamon-Shine of MiddleWestMeals, Heather Willard of FoodHussy and Feed Me/Drink Me.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wine Bar Deja Vu @ The Conrad

IM's The Dish reports today that the Conrad has leased the Vitesse space to new owners who plan to try the wine bar concept again -- this time called Tastings. Deja vu? When the Conrad opened Vitesse with the wine-by-the-glass concept, within weeks the list had been mined for all the good stuff by the bottle and very little of the extensive by-the-glass list was actually on offer.

Of course, this one will be different, says Indianapolis Monthly. Says the Dish: "Tastings makes use of an Enomatic wine-tasting system, which seals bottles with oxygen to preserve the remainder of the bottle." What? Hey, I'm just repeating what they said :-) Actually, the Enomatic system which many of you have seen sucks oxygen *out* of the bottle. (Note to Disher: Oxygen and wine are not generally friends.)

But the real tidbit? Wine by the bottle will be for sale at the retail price -- and, as is (we think) legal in Indiana, you should be able to take home any unfinished wine in a bottle (in any restaurant.) Several bars such as the Chatterbox have retail carry-out licenses, but this will be the first I know of locally to sell for consumption at the lower mark-up.

It's a concept that can work -- or at least one I've been a little in love with since the old Plumpjack in San Francsico took advantage of their retail store pricing and became one of the best restaurants in town. The future owners of this particular Tastings who are from Indianapolis contend there aren't any other bars like this one (except for the other Tastings, I'd wager.) Well, I might disagree, having just seen this concept in at least one other city. Ultimately, I hope they can deliver and the list is good. Wouldn't it be great to enjoy a $50 bottle of pinot that's *really* a $50 bottle of pinot?


**Not exactly sure how the business deal is working (the press release from the Conrad put no new light on it.) However, to make a correction, the future owners are local while the chain itself is based in St. Petersburg. The Conrad positions it as a "store" in the press release with food and outdoor seating but it's unclear if it will be a "store" with bottles out for purchase or if they're using "store" as the industry term for franchise location. Vitesse closes July 30 and Tastings should open in October.

** Mass Ave Wine Shoppe right here in River City pours wine by the glass and has food and seating options. Not sure if they allow you to purchase a bottle at retail price and consume it on-site. Will check.

**A huge shout-out to an attorney friend who spent a boatload of time yesterday searching and verifying Indiana's carry-out laws. The conclusion? It's not illegal to carry unfinished wine out of an establishment (and possibly proven legal, as well.) However, note that open container laws apply so check the requirements for more details. (More discussion and links attached to the FaceBook discussion of this post. Or email me for more info.)