Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Capriole Goat Cheese

Today's Indy Star features a lovely article on Judy Schad and her nationally-recognized Capriole goat cheese. Capriole has been an Indiana staple at least since I've lived here and I've recognized and found this amazing goat cheese on carts from Daniel Boulud's flagship in New York to Restaurant Gary Danko in San Francisco.

Where can local residents find a little slice of goat cheese heaven? Look for Capriole at most farmer's markets in the summer. I usually pick up mine at the Broad Ripple Famer's market. My favorites? The O'Banon (goat cheese wrapped in bourbon-macerated chestnut leaves and tied with twine), the thimbles (small, bite-sized pieces of plain goat cheese perfect for spreading on bread or soaking in oil), and the Fromage a Trois Torte (chocolate goat cheese with nuts and currants.)

Capriole cheeses freeze very well so I stock up at the end of summer. While their facility in southern Indiana isn't open to the public, you can order from them directly via their website in winter.


Anonymous said...

While Capriole isn't open during the winter, they will be making weekly Saturday morning appearances from Jan. 27-March 31 at the Bloomington Winter Farmers Market at Harmony School on Second Street (9-noon).

Come down and see us (maps available on request!)


Anonymous said...

Ooooh! I can't think of a better reason to go to Bloomington this winter. It's on my calendar!

Anonymous said...

Actually, you can buy at the farm. I've been there and made a purchase. Lots of fun. Hours are posted on the website.


Anonymous said...

Yes, their hours are on the website for their local farm market. However, last I checked you can not tour the facility -- it's not open to the public.