Saturday, February 12, 2005

Went to the WFYI catalog tasting last night. I didn't ante up for the Connoisseur's area, but found quite a few nice little wines on the main floor including a few new finds and some old favorites. And ran into some feedme/drinkme readers! My favorite wines of the evening:

'02 Seghesio Family Keyhole Ranch Pinot Noir ($26.95, a classic fave)
'01 Altamura Cabernet Sauvignon ($59.95, crack in a bottle)
'01 Iron Horse T-Bar-T Cabernet Sauvignon ($36.95, very reliable)
'98 BV Ensemble (knock out for the price, $24.95)
'01 Sterling SVR Reserve ($39.95 -- also great for the money)
'01 Shingleback Shiraz "D-Block"($44.95 expensive, but very, very good)

I realize I have an annoying habit of always noting the price, and wine professionals will tell you it's better to disregard it. However, at these tastings, paying attention to price – for me – provides a better baseline for what I think of the value of a wine. Price gives me a frame of reference for what is more standard at that range and what I feel exceeds expectations. The BV and Sterling were both great wines for the money, in my opinion. Both were smooth, polished and very, very elegant. The Sterling would be a great cellar keeper, but the BV may be my case buy for spring. (Although, I'm OK on reds since I recently found an entire case of Chateau Potelle Cougar Pass that I bought in early December! I was like finding a $20 bill in a coat pocket!)

I was taking it easy only drinking reds so I'm sure there were some fantastic whites. Next catalog tasting will be the Cystic Fibrosis Wine Opener on 2/25. I hear there are only about 30 tickets left, so give the CF Foundation a call if you need tickets -- 202-9210.

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