Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Wine...on the Side

Interesting small piece in today's NY Times food section on Drew Nieporent's latest project, Crush, a wine shop in New York. They're very busy touting the new bottle storage and display system that stores all bottles on their side, but lengthwise, with the lable facing out. In the world of restaurant design, a spiffy looking wine storage system has long been considered a way to showcase your cellar inventory while giving your customers something interesting to look at. But in some ways, like the new Museum Cafe at the new MoMA in the New York, the storage system all be eclipses the bottles of wine in it -- with the round circlular wall design, it looks like bottles were an afterthough. Only the top of the capsules can be seen from the front.

It's nice to see design and functionality converging -- functional storage systems that also serve as a design element. At Crush, it will interesting to see who the unique racks make a wine shop more appealing. Crush is due to open Monday, 2/21, at 153 E. 57th.

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