Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Perfect Antipasto

Recently, I was talking to a friend about great antipasto platters we have known. There used to be an incredible one on the menu at Gordon Biersch in San Francisco that I've always considered the antipasto plate I use as my standard. It was a perfect cold Sunday night dinner. It had (arranged on a square plate in no particular order):

Roasted garlic, a few whole cloves or one small bulb
Thin slices of proscuitto
Thin slices of ciabatto salami
Assorted dry olives
Roasted, camelized onion pieces
Caperberries (bit ones, whole)
Goat Cheese, several small little balls of it
Roasted tomato
Roasted or marinated artichoke hearts
Grilled, toasted bread
Plus, of course, olive oil (and I like it with basalmic vinegar and parmesan cheese)
Good antipasto plates can also have all manner of other roasted veggies including eggplant

Inspiration -- what a perfect plate for a small gathering with great wine and friends. Or a terrific first course for a large family dinner. With good crusty bread and fresh focaccia, it's a perfect spring treat.

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