Monday, April 11, 2005

Barolo Dinner Wine Info

Several folks have asked me about the barolo I served at a recent dinner party. Here's the scoop: Beef was marinated in an entire bottle of barolo with pot roast veggies for about 5 hours, then slow roasted in the oven until internal temp was about 460 degrees (about 3 hours). Then I strained out the veggies and reduced the sauce and tasted and spiced it at the end (added a little sugar, a little salt and a little flour.)

When I bought the barolo for dinner, I followed wine adviced and looked for one over 5 years old. Ended up serving two 1997 wines -- 1997 Manzone Le Gramolere Barolo and a 1997 Boasso Serralunga Barolo. Both were big, meaty, wonderful wines. (Beware -- the older wines are spendy.)

I've had some great lower priced barolos and then newer wines are much less expensive. Get thee to your favorite wine shop and chat with thy wine professional.

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