Monday, August 15, 2005

Second Helpings' New Venture

Indianapolis-based food rescue and training program Second Helpings is about to start a new venture -- catering. For those who don't know, in addition to saving food from large hotels and restaurants and redistributing to the homeless, Second Helpings also runs a robust culinary job training program. It's a life changing experience and those chefs stay involved to help run the organization. Now, the expansion continues as Second Helpings opens their own catering operation. (PS, It's also a great volunteer opportunity.) More in today's IndyStar:

Here's how it will work: A few Second Helpings graduates, who have learned food-preparation skills using donated and rescued food, will stay on for a 20-week paid internship program working for Just-Cause. They will learn what's required in the world of food catering and help train the next group of students.

How will a company that donates rescued food feel about this catering enterprise?

Brooks said no rescued food will be used in this venture. All the food will be purchased fresh based on what catering customers request. A number of Second Helpings students regularly join local catering companies after graduation, she said, adding that this experience will give them "top-notch training."

Brooks hopes to get the program off the ground by Oct. 1 and expects most of its business to come from nonprofit groups and businesses familiar with Second Helpings, which started in 1998. She now is in the process of hiring a manager for the catering business.

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