Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Roadtrip to La Trattoria Regioni

Speaking of high end Italian, here's a restaurant I'm actually looking forward to trying! It's sad that I've become so downtown centric that trip to Carmel requires a map and a lot of extra thought. But, I was discussing having dinner with friends and we've decided to road trip up to La Trattoria Regioni. (Yes, for us, 146th Street is a road trip. We might as well be going to Bongi's Tavern or Bijou. Only, I'm guessing we won't need the same tailgate "supplies" as we usually need for Bongi's.) Why is this one worth it? Chef Dan Frost who also has pizza shops Eh! Frommagio gets to break out of sandwiches and pie and put his CIA training to work. While we're not sure anything could beat his mother-in-law's chocolate chip cannoli, I'm guessing it's worth the drive. They're open for dinner only.

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