Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Champagne Night of Nights!

Last evening, I was attended a wonderful champagne tasting hosted by a couple of friends who like to drink (and learn about) all things bubbly. It was a pleasant way for a group of friends to get together, catch up, and try some bottles one normally wouldn't all have at one time. Rules were that singles should bring a bottle $35 and over and couples should bring a bottle worth $50 or more. Our hostess did a great job of coordinating what folks were bringing to ensure a wide range for trial. Everyone brought a dish to share as well.

We started the evening with some fine California sparklings including the best samplings from Mumm Napa, Domaine Chandon, and Gloria Ferrar as well as a fine vintage S. Anderson Rose the hosts brought back from their last trip to Sonoma. Early on we also sampled the Greg Norman Australian Chardonnay sparkler and a bubbly from Maui. As we moved into the true Champagnes, we started with nothing less that the venerable "red stripe", the Mumm Cordon Rouge, then moved into a Veuve Clicquot, Tattinger, and a Moet demi-sec (the Nectar). We also tried one of the new shiraz black sparklers that's getting so much press right now (this one from Shingleback).

Lots of discussion of salt versus sweet -- and what did I learn? That there's a miniature of La Grand Dame herself, the widow Clicquot right on top of the cage of a bottle of VC. Who knew?!

Many thanks to our hosts! A delightful evening with great food, friends, and wine.

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