Friday, November 04, 2005

Dinner by Design to Open in Fishers

I don't know if I buy that the Dinner by Design concept is the hottest new thing in suburban living. From what I understand or have read, a family (or, say a group of moms) gets together at the Dinner by Design kitchen, uses the pre-determined menus and ingredients already prepped, and makes about two weeks worth of "take and bake" meals. I understand this concept when it comes to mircobrewing and winemaking (there was a microbrewery like this in SF in the 90s that's now out of business). However, I'm just not sure how if it's going to have long term appeal for families. (Everyone will go once to try it out, of course.) With 100 franchise agreements signed across the country and one of the first opening in Fishers, it should be an interesting (if not expensive) experiment. Press release at Inside Indiana Business.

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