Thursday, November 10, 2005

Tidbits for Thursday

Crate and Barrel Opening: Last night, attended the Crate and Barrel opening. Wow -- a fantastic store which I think is at least as big as the Chicago flagship. Spectacular products, really great food, and a very sharp and fashionable crowd. All complimented by corporate execs, newly trained enthusiastic employees and free valet parking. White wine only (natch) and gifts of red leather photo albums all just for coming to say "Welcome to Indianapolis!"

Dinner at Fleming's: I was only kind of neutral about this new place and then found out that Fleming's is the upscale restaurant chain from the Outback Steakhouse people. I was about that underwhelmed by the food. Granted, they do have a great wine by-the-glass list, but it's not enough to overcome the too-small bar area, unoriginal menu, overdressed salads, mediocre appetizers (at least the ones we had) and just-average service. For the same money, I will keep going to Sullivan's as my favorite northside steakhouse (and Ruth's Chris for downtown.) One good thing -- free valet parking, but Sully's has that, too.

Atlas/Marsh -- the Saga Continues: If anyone's been following the papers, there are letters daily about Marsh and the whole Atlas debacle. The latest today? The fence has been removed from the parking lot which means, I suppose, that a) they have decided to at least let neighboring businesses have access to the parking, or b) they wanted to get rid of the "promises, promises" banner.

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