Saturday, December 17, 2005

Three Latest and Best

Cold Beer on a Cold Night at the Wellington: Last week, I really enjoyed a long pull on a cold beer at the Wellington in Broad Ripple. I'd forgotten what a cozy, warm pub it is complete with the friendliest drunks on $2.75 pint nights Tuesday and Thursday. My favorite beer of the evening? The Great Lakes Christmas Ale, which the bartender described as "pine-y" but I found just perfect and not too hoppy (read: bitter) for an amber ale. After a particularly stressful day, it just tasted really good.

Scotch Eggs Are sausage-y Goodness: Can I just say again that I love the Scotch egg salad at MacNiven's? No matter how you eat them, there's just nothing bad about hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage and deep-fried. Really. Nothing bad to say at all.

A Well-Ventilated Night at Nicky Blaine's: I have to admit, the new Nicky Blaine's location is growing on me. More specifically, I'm starting to really appreciate the industrial ventilation system and air scrubbers that keep the popular cigar bar and nightspot livable. Sure, you still come home smelling like cigar smoke, but at least it's primarily from the one you were smoking. Last night? Ambrosia (such a girl cigar and I loved it) and Lagavullin 16-year-old.

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