Thursday, December 01, 2005

Why Marsh Might Be Failing?

Slashfood is one of my favorite blogs -- but thanks also to Accidental Hedonist for pointing out the post and subsequent comments from Tuesday on the organic specialty grocery versus traditional grocery store debate. Based on today's consumer habits, it's no surprise Marsh supermarkets are posting losses like crazy. It's a problem for the traditional grocery story when someone like me can take care of everything I need in a Wild Oats/Trader Joe's/Super Target run. Bonus -- SuperTarget, Meier, and even WalMart carries loads of food products Marsh doesn't have. (Marsh has limited shelf space and only carries the most popular flavors of some products and has shut others out completely.)

Additionally, SuperTarget and Meier (and WalMart on Keystone for that matter) are shiny new and clean unlike the Marsh in Broad Ripple which is getting a little skanky. Some like to point out problems with WalMart's low-cost labor practices and all that, but WalMart isn't the problem. The real issue is that if I can't find the basic products I want at Marsh, why would I go there? Skip WalMart if you must, but do a test and see if you're not blown away by the range of product available at a larger grocery venue. After that, make one quick trip to TJ's and you'll be converted.

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