Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Grazing on Tidbits

My mother loved to graze. Wait, that didn't come out right. My mother loved the style of eating that involved lots of little tidbits that one could eat slowly and gradually. She would have loved tapas. Some of my best memories were of a vacation we all took in Santa Cruz. We'd have a lovely, leisurely lunch in a fantastic restaurant, then visit a deli or market in the afternoon and choose olives, salads, great meats, whole grain breads, different mustards, fruit and other treats for dinner. Gradually, food would be put out at the house and everyone ate what they wanted when they wanted. Very casual. My mother called it grazing. (Grazing was sometimes also bad, "stop grazing, I have dinner coming.") Last week, I noticed in an article that my former colleagues over at Webster's New World had identified "infosnacking" as the most important word of last year. I swear, I'd never even heard the word before, but it's apt. So, in lieu of a little infosnacking, here's infograzing for food blogger. The Indy Star food section in 10-seconds or less:

Go, Lisa! Today's Star profiles my favorite local sommelier Lisa Cunningham from Oakley's Bistro! Lisa is a true wine lover with terrific taste. Every time she chooses a wine for us, it's a hit. Go, Lisa! (Lisa conducts the popular Women on Wine seminars and blogs at A Woman on Wine although it looks she's been on a break for a bit.)

Organic Markets: Today's Star also includes a list of organic markets to help you make some choices. It looks a little incomplete to me as it doesn't include Fresh Market in Carmel.

Fruity Wines: If you have a passion for fruit-based wines, Indiana is sure one place in the country to be. The Star profiles a couple who run Ferrin's Fruit Winery in Carmel who actually make some of these sound good. (I confess, a once paired a cherry sparkling wine from Michigan with a dessert course of fallen chocolate cakes (with the molten centers) and it was pretty damn good.) Swing by for your Monon Mango, Plum Desirable, and award-winning Raspberry Wonder.

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