Saturday, February 04, 2006

Three Latest and Best

Friday Night at Sullivan's: Nothing says casual Friday night with friends like the friendly bar at Sullivan's. With its rich dark wood, leather topped bar-stools, and deco-style murals, it's one of the best rooms in town. Always a great mix of suited cocktailers, casual locals popping in for dinner, and revelers enjoying a live combo, great wine list, and Knock-Outs, signature martinis with their own housemade pineapple-infused vodka.

Comfort Food at Oakley's Bistro: The scene? A Saturday night. Me? In sweats planning to work through the evening. The phone rings. It's my best gal pal and her *date cancelled*. Can you believe it?! So, I did what any true friend would do: suggested we treat ourselves to great food and wine. We scored to two seats at the bar at Oakley's and ate, drank, and chatted the evening away. Did I mention the foie gras, the venison, and the housemade peanut butter with chocolate mousse? Oh, so good!

Best Tiramisu in the Midwest: Yes, you heard me and you're never going it was at a luncheon at the Columbia Club. After the ubiquitous pre-set garden salad and plate of chicken and tortellini, I took a bite of dessert -- a perfectly square, ordinary-looking piece of tiramisu. Wait, this was really good. I, of course, had to take another forkful to check. Yup, perfectly moist (but not too soggy) cake layer soaked in tasty espresso with light but flavorful cream. And the cocoa/coffee filling in another layer made this a far cry from the usually bland whipped cream and chocolate mid-western version. In the name of research for "three latest and best", I ate the entire thing.

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