Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Three Latest and Best

Dinner at Adobo: This newly transplanted eatery in the former Something Different space is more casual than I expected but still pretty good. The tableside guacamole making is their big claim to fame, but watch it on the spice. Our "mild" guac was loaded with a heaping tablespoon of fresh chilis and pretty spicy. Otherwise, good for traditional Mexican, especially Oaxacan food. Try the small plates -- multiple appetizers is the way to go. And for some odd reason, they're not open for lunch.

Lunch at PFChang's: This always reliable, upscale eatery (northside and downtown) is the perfect spot for a business lunch -- decent food, quick service, and doesn't break the bank. And you've got to *love* those lettuce wraps.

Snacks at Mo's, A Place for Steaks: This downtown steakhouse is popular these days with the smoking crowd. You've got to love their great long bar and spiffy leather bar furniture. Sink back in an armchair with your favorite scotch and enjoy the parade of suits. Order a couple of steakhouse appetizers but bring your own cigars. (Their list isn't as "robust" as you'd expect but I expect it will improve.)

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