Thursday, May 25, 2006

Three Latest and Best

Little birdies are working overtime these days with all the Indy foodie news. I can hardly wait to dish it out -- once I know if it's chocolate chip cookie dough (hmmm) or smoked trout sorbet. In the meantime, here are my three latest and best:

Pulled Pork at Bourbon Street Distillery: This popular downtown eatery is the place you're most likely to see the assistant mayor elbow to elbow with a truck driver. Go for the tenderloin (large enough for two meals) and stay for the pulled pork either in the sandwich or quesadilla vehicle. PS, the red beans and rice aren't bad either.

Jaleo in Washington, DC: This popular tapas place was jumping the night we were there. After finishing 12 or more small plates among three of us, we can see why! My favorites? The chorizo (perfectly flavored), the Catalan flatbread (crispy in its own paper wrapper), and the pureed tomato on bread with menchego (like the freshest bruschetta). Go early or be prepared to wait -- and make sure you get the sangria!

And have I met any celebrity chefs or food people lately? Of course! I recently met Duke, the spokesdog for Bush's Baked Beans. We were never alone or I'm sure I could have gotten him to share the secret family recipe for those famous baked beans.

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