Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bugg's Temple and a Chef?

A few days a week I bicycle (I know, I'm crazy, but I have to work off all this food somehow) and most days I zip over to the top of the downtown canal passing Bugg's Temple. If you've seen the old church on 11th just off West Street currently being gutting and refurbished, that's the space.

I've heard varying things about the use for this building -- nightclubs, rentals, restaurants, etc. However, Susan Guyett says it's going to be a restaurant complex. Developers (who also have Moe and Johnny's and Cornerstone Coffee) say they're planning a "fine-dining" restaurant upstairs (dinners only), plus a first floor fast casual restaurant, plus public restrooms, a Ritter's Frozen Custard (it's about time) and a Cornerstone Coffee.

It sounds ambitious but should be interesting. IMA/Puck's executive chef Brad Gates has been hired to oversee it all. Regardless of what happens with the restaurant, I'm most excited about the Ritter's! (Does stopping for frozen custard while working out negate the effects?)

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