Thursday, June 15, 2006

Cristal Says "No" to Rappers

Just in case you ever wondered if we'd have a link to MTV News, you got it today! Rapper Jay-Z has declared war on Cristal, the favored champagne of rappers (and AJ on the Sopranos). It may be because Hip Hop stars are the only ones who will pay the $850 bottle price in many NY and LA's clubs, but it looks like they're back to Hennessey. Why?

" an interview with The Economist magazine, Cristal boss Frédéric Rouzaud called the hip-hop world’s support “unwanted attention”."

Jay-Z says it's a racist comment. But I think he's confused racism with French snobbery - there's a very slight difference (but only a very slight one). With this boycott, I wonder what rappers will embrace next? Any idea on the next most expensive indulgence? Maybe they'll start a high end sake revolution (pricy and gets you drunk quick).

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