Sunday, June 11, 2006

Three Latest and Best

Zorba's in Zionsville: "Zounds!" I zaid as we dug into incredible spanikopita, cheese-akopita, and spiced-meat-with-pinenuts-a-kopita. Fantastic fresh sauces and veggies makes this Greek place a sure hit for me. Makes me want to have a party just to have them cater complete with their warm, fresh dolmas. Zikes!

L'incredible L'explorateur: A full report is coming in the next couple of weeks, but if our first meal was any indication, Neal Brown has a hit on his hands. Best of our night? The yellowtail carpaccio, the "ramen" noodles, and the liquid chocolate in a cup for dessert. Everything was great and the service is a bit nervous and new but coming along. Lots of folks enjoyed the outdoor seating and Neal may have made the right choice keeping the place casual instead of going more upscale in design. Broad Ripple has desperately needed a "fine dining" restaurant since Tavola closed, so I'm looking forward to enjoying this place all summer.

Hot Jazz and Cold Beer at The Chatterbox: If you've never been to this Indianapolis institution, you have missed one of the best classic jazz clubs in America. No longer smoky (thanks to a blissful "smoke free first set"with no smoking before midnight) this tiny bar is the best place to wind down a late weekend evening crammed shoulder to shoulder with regulars. $5 gets you in most nights with a couple of bucks in the tip can for the band.

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