Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tidbits Tidbits

Kroger Makes Valiant Attempt to Give Downtowners a Grocery Store: There's good news and bad news for those of us who live downtown and desperately need another full-service grocery store. IBJ is reporting that the company wants to raze the existing "ghetto-Kroger" at 16th and Central and build a new, full-service store in the same space and in the lots immediately to the west and north. The bad news is that they have only about half the land they need to build. The other lots are either tied up in court, unavailable, or subject to design and use approvals. The King Park development association wants approvals (and holds much of the land Kroger needs) and wants what some consider a pretty unrealistic retail/grocery/residential development. In other words, they want to force Kroger to build a big mixed use building which is completely impractical for the neighborhood.) One of the biggest issues is parking. (The moose on the table in the article didn't address is security in the neighborhood. That part of 16th and Central is still pretty run down and frankly, I'm not convinced that crime isn't going to be a problem.)

Kroger says they'll keep looking for the space they need to put a store downtown. The president of the Indiana Grocery and Convenience Store Association is quoted as saying Indy is "grossly overstored." I'm sure up in Fishers or Carmel or where ever he lives that's the case -- but not downtown. We are desperate for a large store. Stay tuned. This could be years in the making.

"Treat Your Family Well" Am I the only one who thinks the new Marsh advertising slogan is a little funny given the Marsh family antics this year?

The Cozy is Back? Restaurant owner Tom Wetherald says he will bring downtown's The Cozy back to it's former popularity by reopening it, expanding the lunch and dinner menus, and featuring the prime rib sandwiches which made it a popular lunch place. It will go back into its original location (where the Blue Cactus is now) in the Consolidated Building. No word on his opening date.

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