Sunday, July 02, 2006

Monday: Don't Miss Ferran Adria

If you're a serious chef or foodie, you'll know of Spanish wonder-chef Ferran Adria. For those not familiar with this master of experimental food, you'll be able to catch up, Monday on No Reservations. In "Decoding Ferran Adria", Tony Bourdain offers an exclusive look inside the Spanish "laboratory" at Adria's world-famous El Bulli Taller. If you want someone to credit -- or blame -- for foams, fruit "caviar", and powders, Adria is your guy. He is considered the world's top chef experimenting with with texture, flavor, and ingredients. (Anyone up for seawater sorbet?) Adria's cookbook is making chefs around the world want to learn Spanish -- El Bulli 1998-2002. You can't love food and miss this episode -- Travel Channel, Monday, July 3, 10:00 p..m. ET.

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