Sunday, July 30, 2006

Three Latest and Best

Guacamole at Adobo: While I have a naturally negative reaction to any place that calls restaurants "stores", I was just craving the guacamole on a very hot evening. And it delivered -- just what I needed -- chunky, salty, lime-y, and loaded with cilantro. Not bad for their Indianapolis "store".

Dinner at Ruth's Chris: My dining companions and I chose something more traditional for Indianapolis Restaurant Week this year and we were rewarded. The chef at Ruth's Chris downtown knocked it out of the park! Outstanding salad, perfectly cooked steak, and a chocolate souffle worthy of the French. Fantastic!

Lunch at the Fountain Square Diner: There is nothing better, really, than a simple diner lunch. Whether it's the smell of burgers grilling on the open fry top behind the counter or the perfectly toasted grilled ham and cheese. Or, it could be a really decent lunch for three -- for under $20.

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