Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Catching Up with Feed Me/Drink Me

These days, a comfortable air-conditioned seat for blogging is pretty great compared to the heat outside. I have a huge backlog of food posts so will start getting them out this week. Some may be a bit dated so bare with me.

Smooth, Like Butter: I've promised a review of Chef Ryan Poli's Chicago restaurant, Butter, and one you shall have. Just not today. I haven't forgotten. In the meantime, check out their beautiful website.

A Successful Second Helpings Fundraiser: Judging by the turnout at the Emmis lobby event, I'd say food rescue group Second Helpings had a successful kickeoff event for Indianapolis Downtown Restaurant Week. Look for their next event, Harvest, October 20, 2006. (One of my favorite events of the year.)

Anthony Bourdain Evacuated: You might recall that chef, food writer, and star of Travel Channel's No Reservations was in Beruit when the bombing started. He's out and Salon.com has his first article on his sense of disappointment and loss.

Scary Brunches: Speaking of Anthony Bourdain, I've been off brunches ever since I read his first book, Kitchen Confidential. In it, he exposes brunch as an easy way for restaurants to get rid of food from the weekend. It's made me especially leery of "specials" and, worse, "seafood specials." But, lo and behold if a certain well-known downtown Indianapolis brunch favorite didn't have on Sunday both a "seafood special" and a "crab and egg scramble." After a shiver went down my spine, I skipped both a had a nice, safe serving of eggs benedict figuring they had to at least have made fresh hollandaise.

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