Friday, August 18, 2006

Ramsey and Batali Open New LA Restaurants

Chef Gordon Ramsey's wacky American television show, Hell's Kitchen, wrapped this week won by young, but highly competent sous chef Heather, the only seeminly experienced line cook in the bunch. While there's no news whether or not Heather is still at the helm of the restaurant she won at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, there is news on Ramsey's latest projects.

it looks like LA may finally be out of the celebrity food wilderness. Via Slashfood, both Ramsey and Superchef Mario Batali will open Los Angeles ventures next year. Ramsey's ventures will both open in the newly rennovated Bel Age Hotel (renamed the London LA Hotel) in West Hollywood in the Spring of 2007. They will not be his first US restaurants -- his New York venture opens this fall followed by a restaurant in Boca Raton. (From The Observer)

In the meantime, Slashfood also thinks an announced September opening for Mario Batali's West Hollywood project, MozzaBar and Osseria Del Latte, may be ambitious. Rumor has it the construction isn't far enough along for this much anticipated, but frequently delayed project, to open next month. He is opening the restaurant in conjunction with well-known LA chef Nancy Silverton.

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