Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Random Food Thoughts for the Day

Stelvin Closures -- Jeff at Grape Manifesto notes the increasing popularity of Stelvin closures (aka screw caps) for wine bottles even with the robust cork harvest this year. I think they've come a long way, but there's still something oddly disconcerting about twisting off the cap of a decent bottle of wine.

Dry Aged Beef -- The other day, a friend reminded me of the beauty that is dry aged beef and wondered if there was anywhere in Indianapolis where one could obtain dry aged prime beef -- real prime is hard to come by. And real dry aged? Well, there aren't many who do that either. Here's an author who explains the wonders of dry aged beef and why it's so rare these days. (via Meganut just the other day.)

Hmm. Vietnamese Food: Last week, someone asked me if I knew about a good Vietnamese place they'd heard of, and I had no love to give. But leave it to the folks at The Dish to fill in my faulty memory. Viet Bistro on E. 86th St. It reminds me I need to get back there post haste! (It also reminds me I need to find a great peanut sauce recipe since my only Vietnamese friend closely guards his as a treasured secret.)

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