Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What I Learned in This Week's Nuvo: Poutine!

Terry Kirts takes us on a tour of three new places in Broad Ripple with a little background on each. And the best find of the bunch?! Poutine! Considered a tired, boring, traditional staple in Canada, poutine is an undiscovered cheese fries wonder in the US. Imagine French fries covered in cheese curds. (Cheese curds are essentially cheddar cheese that's been made but not yet pressed into a block.) Said cheese curds are melted, then the whole business is topped with brown gravy. Sounds awful. Tastes fantastic. Maybe it's all those cold winter nights up in Ontario but I am a sucker for the declasse' treat.

Kirts reports poutine can be had at The Village Kitchen, a new establishment next door to Jazz Cooker. Bonus, the new place is open late. (Poutine is the perfect late night, um, tipsy snack.)


Jason266 said...

Melted cheese curds on fries with brown gravy. Sounds heavenly. My arteries are hardening just thinking about it.

Brian D. said...

Oh that sounds so good. Or it'll kill me. One or the other.

Lexplorateur said...

I can attest, after several bottles of wine, gravy, cheese and fries are the BOMB!