Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wine on a Plane -- Getting your MF'ing Wine Off the MF'ing Plane

A good friend is traveling to Italy this week for 10 days of much needed Tuscan sun. However, due to current travel restrictions, she was lamenting last night that she wouldn't be able to return with wine -- and more importantly -- olive oil. I suggested wine boxes. The strategy? Check the empty boxes with you on your way, fill them, then ship or check them back as luggage on the plane. Due to the heavy Styrofoam inserts, they can carry an entire case of wine safely and securely.

And plate o' shrimp, wouldn't you know Slashfood this morning has the same story. (Did someone overhear our conversation last night on the deck over beers at Plump's Last Shot?) They've also provided a handy picture of the box.

For those of us who make frequent Napa runs, these boxes are lifesavers. (If you've ever been gouged at the Napa pack-n-ship store, then you'll know the value of taking empty boxes out there yourself. They can run up to $75 a box with inserts.) And they're good for multiple trips. They should work for my Italy-trotting friends. (Now if she only had Samuel L. Jackson on her flight it would be perfect!)

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