Thursday, September 21, 2006

(Local) (Food) News of the Weird

Something must be in the air, or maybe it's a phase of the moon. Either way, things are just downright weird around central Indiana these days.

Kidnapped La Bamba Owner Rescued: I'm sure there's so much more to this story, but here's what we know so far. Antonio Aguas, co-owner with his brother Ramiro of the Champaign, IL-based La Bamba chain ("Burritos as Big as Your Head!"), was kidnapped at gunpoint September 10 in Champaign. His brother was told to put together a ransom of $250,000 and drop it off as a gas station in Ft. Wayne. In something right out of a bad TV show, the kidnapper showed up to collect the money and the FBI nabbed him. The other kidnapper was found in a motel in Portland, IN, with Aguas. I have so many questions: Who were these guys -- just two random criminals who'd had one late night drunk snack too many? Have they never watched a show on TV that involves kidnapping? Didn't they know the family *always* call the police even when the kidnappers say not to. And the police are *always* waiting when the kidnappers show up to pick up the ransom money. Oh, there's so much more I want to know. From the Champaign News-Gazette.

Treat Your Family Well: Ahh, the ultimate irony when the Marsh supermarket chain selected their new advertising slogan. Someone didn't get the memo. Former COO David Marsh and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Jodi Marsh, former vice president of community relations, are both suing the company, now run by David's father, Don Marsh. The two, currently divorcing, allege the company owes them severance and compensation per their separation agreements after the most recent corporate shake-up. The company has been on the market and the being purchased by a private equity firm. The deal closes Friday.


IndyFoodie said...

#1 OK that IS just weird!
#2 HAh ha! I love irony!

IndyFoodie said...

One more thing...this made me think of you. Today on Eric Tennin feature foie gras on a stick!

braingirl said...

You will now laugh every time you see a Marsh commercial and here their jingle.

And foie gras on a stick! I think it should be the next hot fair food. And I've had deep fried foie gras before -- very melty and delicious.