Sunday, October 15, 2006

Somebody Save Me from Apples!

I *swear* this domesticity binge is about over. My friends are getting worried and think it's a cry for help. It is! Somebody save me from apples! Somebody save me from becoming a stockholder in the Ball Mason jar company! I'm almost in danger of people beginning to think I'm the homely, grey-haired grandmother type with homey kitchen. I'm not! I'm hip and most at home at a cigar bar with a fine glass of dry California cab in my hand. I rarely actually cook. I like to gossip from the sidelines and eat well. However, today, I peeled and cored apples for 30 minutes while watching reruns of Masterchef on BBC America. Last night, I stayed in and watched Like Water for Chocolate. Yes, it's official. I am a freak. All I can say is thank god for the food processor or I'd *still* be chopping.

I want my life back. Today? Yet another apple chutney this one with apple cider and raisins and Cabernet wine jelly. That's it. I'm officially done. (At least until I need to make cranberry grapefruit chutney for the holidays.) I promise, the snarky foodie you and know and love will be *right* back.


Anonymous said...

I don't know, I kind of like the new you! We could use an adopted Aunt with whom we could drop off the kids occasionally. Chocolate chip cookies ever come out of that oven?


braingirl said...

Kids?! Somebody get me a single malt scotch and the season 1 reruns of Grey's Anatomy. Stat!