Saturday, October 28, 2006

Three Latest and Best

Whoo, doggie, has it been a long week. I feel as embarrassed as if company was coming and my house wasn't clean. (Oh, wait, that happened to me in real life already this week.) In between too much work, a cocktail or two, a dinner party (and matching hangover), and more work, my blogging fell to neglect. I promise once again to make up for the deficit.

In the meantime, here are this week's three latest and best:

The Barbecue Sandwich at Lulu's: Who knew Lulu's had such great food? I didn't even know they were open for lunch. They are and the stars are the sandwiches including smoked turkey, a lovely pork in a sweet bourbon sauce, and the most amazing fries.

Dry Aged Beef from Karl Benko: More on this later, but as we tucked into one and a quarter inch thick steaks that had been lovingly wet and dry aged for a couple of months, we all said a little thank you for cows. This noble beef was unlike anything I've ever had -- flavorful (albeit a bit gamey, but in a good way) and tender. No accoutrements needed except for the housemade truffle butter on top.

A Cold, Blustry Farmers Market: I hustled out to the Broad Ripple Farmer's Market this morning for the last time of 2006. A hardy few vendors and shoppers alike braved the wind and cold (at least the sun was out!). I stocked up on Capriole goat cheese (O'Bannon's for the freezer), fingerling potatoes, peppers, and apples. No brussel sprouts to be found but lots of good dried herbs. So long, Farmer's Market. We'll see you in the Spring!

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