Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Indy Food Roundup -- Moo!

*Sadly, Jim at 11:00 a.m. Air Raid is saying goodbye to blogging, although he leaves us with a few food recommendations. He loves Viet Bistro and has found great falafel right in Fountain Square! Says Jim:

On a mission to find the best falafel in Indianapolis, I think I've located the place that offers it - Luxor. Luxor is a longtime favorite; we've loved the place ever since it was Cafe Trevi. Unlike other falafel vendors, who make their falafel with chick peas, Luxor uses fava beans. The result is falafel with much more flavor than the ordinary stuff. What's more, the falafel with fava beans turns out to be a brilliant green color. Get it with a side of tzatziki sauce and you're good to go.

*Thanks to Consuming Indy for the pointer and shout-out. In my quest to make all of you better guests, I will also chastise myself: Polite hosts should never post long blog rants about their guests and try to make them feel guilty for not RSVP'ing! I'll be posting more hosting tips next week.

*Scott Hutcheson, aka The Hungry Hoosier, is well on his way to becoming, as he puts it, media king of Indiana with a terrific television piece on Indiana and Michigan City's Collins Caviar. Check out the spot on Across Indiana, online, via The Hungry Hoosier. And what a fantastic operation at Collins. More to come.

*Local blog Wolfsong Enterprises has a great report on Carmel's newest (and apparently only) Indian restaurant, Amber Indian, complete with lunch buffet and great take out. Wolfsong also has great coverage of Jewish food, holidays, and some fantastic recipes. Look for the Israeli fruit salad recipe with pomegranate and honey.


Jim said...

Thanks for the send-off. :)

Anonymous said...

You will find several photos of top notch Hoosier breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches here...

More Hoosier samplings will be coming soon.