Monday, December 04, 2006

Three Latest and Best

Move Over Quattro Fromaggio: I'm in love with a new Bazbeaux Pizza -- the Greek. It's the closest thing I've ever found to North Beach Pizza's Verdi Special with spinach, onion, and feta cheese. However, I reserve the right to re-visit the four cheese as my favorite at any time. Any cheese pizza with bacon on it is OK with me. (For bonus points and a special San Francisco prize, can any ex-SF resident tell me the one big difference between Bazbeaux's Greek and North Beach Pizza's Verdi Special? No menu peeking!)

Perfect Flan and Sweet Berries: What a great turnout last Thursday for the Ethnic Food Feast at Ivy Tech, a dinner put on by the culinary program and Indy Ethnic! In a meal featuring everything from Spanish tapas to veal marsala, the star of the evening? The vanilla flan with fresh sweet berries that were perfectly fresh on a rainy, winter evening. Great work by all the students and professors all under the watchful eye of program chair and host, Chef Thom England.

Pumpkin Schmear and the Perfect Coffee: This weekend was a never ending round of holiday parties. After three on Saturday and one on Sunday, I'm already full of holiday cheer along with cookies and spinach dip. (And bourbon balls and smoked salmon and chili and chocolate cake and petit fours and...and...and...uggh.) After a party on Saturday that involved a punch fountain and a lot of cranberry juice and vodka, I enjoyed the perfect antidote on Sunday morning: A piping hot everything bagel from Einstein Bros and their holiday pumpkin cream cheese. So spicy, sweet and perfect accompanied by a perfect cup of coffee. Ahhhh, life's simple pleasures. Just what a hangover needs. Well, that and lots of water.

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