Thursday, December 07, 2006

Three Latest and Best

Ode to a Beer: Ah, my beloved Shiner Bock, how do I love thee? You are the light of my eye, the joy of my fridge, the frosty cold love of my taste buds. How can you measure my devotion? Three cases we picked up in Nashville on the way out town.

Hot BBQ Brisket: Speaking of Nashville, they seem to think they have some kind of claim to fame in the BBQ department. Sure, we had excellent tender smoked brisket served with a bacon potato salad (also, hot!) and sauce (also, hot!) and southern style green beans (also hot!). Maybe spice is their claim to fame. Best thing I had there (besides a lot of Shiner Bock)? A pineapple chipotle salsa courtesy of a local burrito joint who catered lunch. I would have been happy to bring a bucket home. Yum!

L'oving L'Explorateur: Popped into to Neal Brown's place last night for the new Wednesday wine tastings to meet some friends. And of course we ended up staying for dinner. I dedicated the evening to an old favorite (the hamachi carpaccio) and a new one (the goat cheese tart with duck confit and apple chow-chow). Oh, so good! Neal brought out snacks, we tasted wine, and I even have a tasty take home treat still unopened (as per Neal's orders) waiting for my lunch today.

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