Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tidbits around Town

El Torito Grill (formerly Keystone Grill) is open already. As The Dish notes, that had to be the fastest restaurant renovation in history. We're hearing they kept many of their top staff.

Tonight, I'll be trying to attend a meeting of Knights of the Beer Round Table at Deano's Vino. (Unfortunately, I keep having scheduling conflicts. I wonder if King Arthur had this problem?) The agenda? Holiday beers! is reporting that 19 people are sick after what looks like a food poisoning incident at a local Olive Garden. They didn't name the location specifically, but I suspect there's only one on the northeast side of town.

300 East, the controversial bar in the Julia Carson Government Center on Fall Creek, skated through their zoning commission meetings recently and will open as planned. (Quotes from the investors in the past few months have called it everything from a bar for black professionals to a family-style restaurant for the neighborhood.) For all the sturm and drang, the real question is "who is going to go?" The location is a little off the beaten path. I suspect, frankly, all the ruckus won't make any difference. My prediction? It will be closed in a year due to lack of business.

The Dish reports that Chicago's Weber Grill will open downtown next year in the old Old Navy space on Illinois and Washington. ETA is next summer.

And in the what we missed last week category: Bloomington's Restaurant Tallent christened it's new location last Thursday with a fabulous opening night dinner. I haven't heard all the reports yet but if the menu was any indication, it was a spectacular meal! There are benefits to having the chef trek around Italy in the fall. Congratulations, Dave and Kristin!

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Anonymous said...

I will be happy to try El Torito, sad to see Keystone Grill gone though.
On a sadder note- I am pretty sure Cio's Pizza is gone. The Fishers location has been dark since at least Dec 1st, and no one answers the phone. If you happen to know if they have just moved again, please let us know!