Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Anti-Valentines, Top Chef, and the Seven Deadly Sins

Don't forget to make your reservations for Neal Brown's Anti-Valentine's Dinner at L'explorateur on Tuesday, February 13. Neal, in honor of all of us who'd rather be hung over and sleep through the next day, is serving a 7-course meal based on, what else? The Seven Deadly sins. A preview? He's still working on the menu, but gluttony looks like the dessert course while lust might involve a foie gras three-way. (Mmm, I'm getting all hot already.) I've already made my reservations, so don't forget yours.

Is Neal's dinner an homage to the latest episode of Top Chef? "Yes!" says Neal. "I love that show!" While Neal is a big fan, we shouldn't expect any shaved heads or bullied chefs at the restaurant.

And speaking of the most picked on chef in America, Marcel "I don't jerk off to Joel Robuchon" Vigneron was recently attacked by a "fan" in a New York nightclub says Reality Blurred. The woman struck him the face with a bottle and he required 30 stitches. Will cheftestants have to start hiring bodyguards? Perhaps only if they are underdog reality stars who fancy themselves molecular gastronomes with really great hair.
For more Top Chef punditry, check out my new favorite blog Amuse-Biatch (possibly the best food blog name ever, I wish I'd thought of it). And watch a new episode tonight.

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