Thursday, January 25, 2007

Indianapolis Food? Foie Gras!

Judging by the number of emails and hits on this site I've had in the past few days about signature Indianapolis food, someone is either trying to figure out what to serve in Miami or trying to quantify our city using the common language of food. (Apparently some suggestions even showed up in a Chicago newspaper editorial which Bill Brenner blogged on this morning.) But what is distinctly Indianapolis food versus Chicago food? If it was summer, we could say corn, but so far I've only heard about ternderloins, brats, and some kind of odd sugar pie. (Sorry, Scott, you're the Hoosier not me, I've never had it.) But I can think of one thing we have that Chicago doesn't. Hey, you big city slickers, we're still eating all the foie gras we want down here! While our city-county council is dealing with police force mergers, economic development, new hotels, downtown growth, new arts factilities in Carmel, and oh, yeah, that new stadium, yours is banning transfats. We can eat all the transfatty acids we want, people! We don't have to ask for foie on the QT -- it's served right out in the open here!

So, while everyone is trying to figure out small differences between to cities that are pretty geographically close, look at broader differences, too. Have a little pate de foie gras or foie gras torchon, or seared foie to celebrate! Superbowl Sunday should be a foie gras fest!


Cathleen Litz said...

Speaking of the Super Bowl, I would love to see a post on parties at restaurants and/or bars on Super Bowl Sunday in Indianapolis. I keep thinking that there has to be some festivities going on other than the usual party in a friend's basement.

braingirl said...

So far I haven't really seen a wide range of organized parties for the Super Bowl. I don't even know what I'm doing yet! Most bars/restaurants that I've been in lately have had signs posted withi plans -- and at least one place I saw yesterday was doing $200 a person for drinks, a buffet and a shirt or hat.

Anonymous said...

Braingirl, I'm gonna make you a Sugar Cream Pie!


braingirl said...

Woo-hoo! I will gladly eat it and learn all about Hoosier food. (Hey, those fried biscuits with apple butter are Hoosier food, too!)

Cathleen, I've had several emails from people looking for the same information including Terry who's doing something for Nuvo. Standby, I'll share as soon as I know more. (We're all amazed that more places haven't announced yet what they're doing. I think everyone is still in shock!)