Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This and That: Kahn's, Winter, and Beer

A New Kahn's Opens! Finally! Kahn's has announced the grand opening of their new superstore on Keystone! Look for free special tastings and events every night from Monday, January 29 through Saturday, February 3 including beers, wine, bourbons, and ports.

Devour Downtown Winterfest: Hoping to drive some winter diners to eat, eat, eat, the IDHRA has set the dates for a winter downtown restaurant week -- January 22-February 4. As usual, more than 20 restaurants will offer $30 prix fixe meals for diners that week. It's always a great way to try something expensive for a good price including St. Elmo's, Oceanaire, or even the Conrad's du Soleil. Call for reservations! See their website for a list of participating restaurants.(Update: Scratch Du Soleil. They're not participating.)

Tasting with the Hoosier Beer Geeks: So, in recognition of all the...well, recognition, there have been a few updates with the Knights of the Beer Roundtable! Hoosier Beer Geek is now a group blog (not that that makes any difference to you readers, but it's interesting to us, um, geeks). Additionally, we're now formally scheduling two tastings a month, the 2nd and 4th Thursdays, and so you, our readers, can join us! We're trying to keep one at a local brewery or brew pub and the other at a local bar with a good list such as MacNiven's or Deano's. Our next tasting? Join us this Thursday at Broad Ripple Brew Pub. Check Hoosier Beer Geek details.


Anonymous said...

“Due to a scheduling conflict, Restaurant du Soleil will not be participating in Devour Downtown Week.”

theres a shocker!

braingirl said...

Oh no! How could I have missed that juicy little tidbit and a chance to snark about it.