Thursday, January 04, 2007

Three Latest and Best

Why I Love the Fountain Square Diner, Part II: Is it the great grilled burgers? The hot-from-the-deep-fryer French fries? Maybe. But this time it was the amazing beef barley soup. Homemade, of course.

No Foie for Me: File under what I didn't eat in Chicago: foie gras. As is my habit, I end up gorging myself on good Thai food, and this trip, treats from Fox and Obel. Next time, I'll find it. I swear.

Green Garbanzos: My ingredient of the month is green garbanzo beans from Trader Joe's. Not only are they a great, high protein, vegetabally treat, they make outrageous green hummus!

Wine Shopping in Chicago: OK, so this is four, but how much fun did I have in Chicago on vacation? A friend called one afternoon and took me on a tour of all his favorite wine discount stores. After finishing at Sam's and collecting nearly a case to bring home, I'm hooked on warehouse shopping for wine. What a selection! What prices! With Chicago so close, Indiana wine retailers have to step up the bar. Let's hope the new Kahn's helps a little.

What I'd Skip: Until they get it together at the Fountain Square location, I'll be skipping Deano's Vino. When even the regulars are complaining about the service, you know something is off. And their wide variety of beers and wines? They were out of at least half the beer list last time I was there and the wine list is far from interesting, just another list of the same old wines offered by the same old distributors. Borrrring.

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