Friday, January 19, 2007

Three Latest and Best

Best Kept Secret in Broad Ripple: Finally popped in to the fabulous little Cork and Cracker on Broad Ripple Ave near Marsh. The owners are enthusiastic, knowledgeable about wine, and carry just enough little gourmet tidbits to make putting together a quick snack easy. Their difference? All their wines are under $15 grouped by flavor profile and I didn't see a dud in the bunch. Delicious! Also, don't forget about the dukkah (African spiced nut mix served with olive oil and bread) and the Sticky Toffee Pudding -- both exclusives this gem of a store is known for.

Kobe, Kobe! KOBE! My favorite part of playoff frenzy? The special Kobe beef game day burger at Ruth's Chris on Sunday! Additionally, look for their special Kobe fillet which has been making regular menu appearances.

Getting Drunk at the Movies: Can I say how much I love the Landmark Art Cinema at Keystone at the Crossing? Best part aside from the great movies? Bringing beer and cocktails in from the Cinema Lounge. This is an idea whose time has come.

Two-Minute Warning: I've recently been in search of great felafel and based on recommendations I'd received from friends, I headed over to try Fountain Square's Luxor. I'd heard of a legendary lunch buffet with great felafel at this place that bills itself as specializing in Italian, Greek, and Egyptian food (which might be a problem right there.) While I wouldn't call the lunch buffet legendary, it's fine if you're in the mood for something light -- Greek salad, hummus, a pasta, chicken, and maybe pita and gyro meat. But if you're looking for something more substantial for your $8.50, you probably won't be happy here. While the hummus was grand, the salad dressing was oily, the tzatzici too bland, and the pita cracker crispy. And, unlike what I'd heard, there was no felafel. (Insert sad face here.) I haven't completely written them off, but it's going to be hard to go back when I know Santorini's is just around the corner. In the meantime, I'm still in search of a great felafel. (If you know of one, let me know!)


John Ferringer said...

You're absolutely right about Cork and Cracker. My wife and I are also in their wine club, which we really enjoy. They pick a white and red wine each month, and we get a bottle of each, along with excellent in-depth descriptions of each selection. It's a great service :)

braingirl said...

Don't even ask about the Dirty Martini Cheese Ball I bought for having a few people over and finished in one sitting the next day! Oh, so good.

Jim said...

Young lady, you weren't listening to me when I was telling you about Luxor! Maybe you had too much beer to drink. ;) Luxor doesn't have falafel on the lunch buffet. As I told you, go for dinner. Falafel IS on the dinner menu (as an appetizer), and you will not be disappointed.

braingirl said...

My apologies! I clearly was in a Hoosier Beer Geek fog. I will make a point to return for the famous felafel. (And also to work to not misreport what my wise fellow diners tell me!)

Cork and Cracker said...

Hi Braingirl:
Thanks a bunch for the kind words! You too John! We really appreciate it! Please let us know next time you stop by or join us at one of our Thursday Tastings!
Rob and Ashley