Monday, January 15, 2007

Zico Coconut Water

It's January and gyms are full. While you're out there working off all those holiday calories, you might check out the newest entry in natural hydration -- Zico coconut water. For those of us who previously knew coconut water as a vehicle for gin in the Bahamas, using it to hydrate after a Bikram "hot" yoga class is a new idea. What is coconut water? It's the clear, lightly flavored juice from green coconuts, not the milky substance we're used to in mature nuts that's typical to Thai food and beach cocktails.

Perfect for hydration after sweaty, detoxifying workouts, Zico carries essential electrolytes and potassium without all the carbs, sugar and chemicals in your typical over-the-counter sports drink. (Not to mention skipping all the neon artificial color.) It comes in 1 fluid ounce boxes in three flavors: natural and two very lightly flavored versions -- mango and passion fruit/orange peel.

Many gyms and yoga studios are adding this hot new natural drink to their cafes and coolers. After I ran into it at Cityoga, I found it at Sunflower Market -- 2 boxes for $3. Drink cold.


John R. Ferrell said...

The electrolytes (i.e. potassium and magnesium) in coconut water really are quite amazing in a functional aspect for high intensity and endurance athletes. Also, the high Glucose content in young coconut water is better for athletes as it metabolizes more slowly and doesn't spike the blood sugar like nearly every other sports drink.

Zico currently sponsors a professional football player, Bryant Shaw, who was in the hospital earlier this summer due to severe dehydration and cramping after some intense preseason training. He contacted me and I gave him enough Zico with instructions to drink about 5 servings throughout the day. He told me he hasn't needed an IV after practice since. I consider that an amazing result.

Coconut Water makes the perfect addition to mixed drinks because it adds a mildly sweet flavor, a bolder consistency and helps to fight hang-overs due to its high electrolyte content; some call it Nature's Hangover Cure. I've used Zico's pure coconut water at bachelor parties and I know this to be true from first-hand experience.

I also like to make ice cubes out of coconut water and add them to drinks for an exotic note. Even if the drink sits for a while, you don't get that diluted watery taste at the end but a mildly sweet flavor instead, much better in my opinion. Try rum on some Zico rocks.

John R. Ferrell
Zico Operations Manager

Anonymous said...

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