Thursday, February 22, 2007

5 Things About Me

I've been tagged by the lovely Ms. Christine Barbour for the 5 Things About Me meme. I had this nice post all prepared with five things most people don't know about me (like red is my favorite color and I really dig big thunderstorms) but then I decided they needed to be food related! So, in honor of the food blog, here are five things about me and my very special relationship with food that not everyone knows about me.

1) OK, my favorite color is red, especially the deep dark crimsons, blood, and wine colors. I also like something in a nice cranberry.

2) Despite having eaten in 48 states and 3 continents, my favorite foods are still pretty much the same as when I was in the seventh grade: Pizza, spaghetti, chicken-fried steak, and Mexican food (the real Tex-Mex stuff, not the "authentic" regional cuisines.) Somewhere around college I added sushi to the absolute favorites list.

3) My favorite pizza is ...wait for it ... Pizza Hut. I love their thin-crust supreme pizzas. In my younger, salad days, I was even known to put creamy Italian dressing on my pizza. (OK, I admit it, in junior high. We used to hang out at the Pizza Hut by the high school. It was what the cool kids did. I was more a cool kid wannabe but it was a small town so there wasn't a lot else to do.) I used to order 'za from the Hut here all the time but I haven't one in a couple of years since they lost my order the last time I called in a pie. I'm still mad. I eat a lot of Bazbeaux instead but Pizza Hut is still in my mobile phone as Pizza Slut (old joke from friends.) Someday I'll make up with them. Mmmm. Maybe soon.

4) My favorite fast food is Taco Bueno, a southwestern chain which we don't have up here. Bring me a Bueno Chilada and a side of chips and refried beans and I'd seriously consider marriage. Sure, I'd be too fat for you to want me, but I just wouldn't care. I also have a special place in my heart for McDonald's fries. I know, I know, it's artificial beef flavoring on there which just makes me love them more. I've had an inexplicable craving for them ever since I read Fast Food Nation.

5) My usual breakfast? Strong coffee, soy creamer and two Sweet-n-Lows (they never proved that cancer link), Bare Naked granola (protein power), dried fruit (usually dried cranberries, cherries, and freeze-dried strawberries from TJs), and vanilla soy milk. It's healthy and makes up for the days when I have a chocolate croissant instead.

OK, it's your turn. Instead of tagging anyone in particular, I leave it to some of my regulars to come out of the woodwork and tell me five food things we didn't know about you! (Oh, I'll tag Terry. Terry! What are 5 food things we don't know about you?!)


Jason266 said...

Central Indiana needs more taco chains! Taco Bueno sounds great! I want some!

christine (myplateoryours) said...

Jeesh, just when you think you know someone! Fun to read. Thanks!

Jim said...

1) Favorite food color - brown, amber, pale, all as in "ale."

2) Favorite foods - good quality bagels, lox and schmear; fried chicken; falafel; Cheetos; anything from Yats; frites from Brugge Brasserie.

3) My favorite pizza is Aurelios, which is a small chain in Northwest Indiana. I also have an inexplicable love for Donatos.

4) Favorite fast food - In N' Out Burger (alas, have to go out west to get this).

5) Usual breakfast - two eggs (over easy or scrambled), small bowl of oatmeal, and fruit.

braingirl said...

Man, I love lox and bagels -- with lots of capers if it's the real fish. Not needed if it's schmear. Also, love the frittes from Brugge. Ohhh, Cheetos! Love them.

(Yes, Christine, I hope you're not too horrified. Psst, if you know of someplace with a good chicken-fried steak, let me know!)