Monday, February 26, 2007

Brizzi in? Brizzi out at Harry and Izzy's?

Channel 6 news is reporting tonight that Marion Country prosecutor Carl Brizzi has found himself in a bit of hot water in what is presumably his first foray into the restaurant business. At issue? The liquor license for Harry and Izzy's, the new downtown eatery from the folks at St. Elmo's. Brizzi is an investor in the enterprise and it appears that while preparing the liquor license application, attorneys failed to note that it's illegal for police officers or those acting in a law enforcement capacity (including prosecutors) to participate in a business that serves alcohol. Lawmakers are concerned about conflict of interest issues. Brizzi has promised that if attorneys find any conflict, they'll take care of it (presumably by selling his interest.) Harry and Izzy's liquor license request will be heard next Monday.

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