Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rabbit Ears, Local Producers, and Pheasant, Oh My!

Pheasants in the Freezer: I have a friend who hunts and was wondering what to do with the 10 or so pheasants in his freezer. While I'm trying everything I can do to make sure I get invited to dinner, I have recently taken on a Bubba Gump-like-ability to name all kinds of ways to cook these gamey little fouls. There's roasted pheasant, grilled pheasant, pheasant cooked in the crock pot, pheasant with wild rice, braised pheasant with wine, pheasant pate, Greek pheasant roasted with herbs, pheasant stuffed dumplings, Asian pheasant won-tons, pheasant chili, deep fried whole pheasant ... My favorite so far? Stuffed pheasant breast en croute. Any favorite ways to prepare pheasant? Brine or not? Tips on grilling? Share!

I.FARM Collective Market: Susan Gilley has an interesting post on the I.Farm collective market opening downtown at the renovated City Market this summer. (The City Market project is running behind schedule and currently due to open in mid-June.) The group of local growers and sellers is hoping to run an everyday food market in the heart of the city with product from its member growers and producers.

More on Twisted Oak: The Good Grape has more on Twisted Oak, their unique lables, and fun approach to wine making. Plus, he's a fan. And check out the Twisted Oak blog with more on their "world tour" which includes several stops in Indianapolis. See you all on Thursday!

Ear-to-Tail Eating: Just to show you that El Bulli isn't all about weird chemistry, here's something that looks truly interesting -- Deep Fried Rabbit Ears with Aromatic Herbs. If you're an advocate of true nose-to-tail eating, this is a fantastic example. Even Rachel Ray is a convert -- and they look pretty good. Cartlidge never seemed so interesting. (via Ruhlman)

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