Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tidbits Tidbits

New Chains in the North: IBJ is reporting two new concept restaurants will open on the Northside. Look for Z's Oyster Bar and Steakhouse to open "along Interstate 465" in a building "that once housed The Wharf." (I have no idea where that is.) This will be the second location for the Louisville-based Z's specializing in upscale aged steaks and seafood. It should open mid-June to early July.

Also, look for a new concept restaurant from Darden who owns Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and the fine, fine Bahama Breeze. (I hope you read the irony here.) The the second location of Rocky River Grillhouse is set to open in March by Castleton Mall in the building formerly housing Smokey Bones. News like this always makes me so happy I don't live on the northside.

House Brands Take Over: On Sunday, I popped into Sunflower Market in Broad Ripple and headed to the tea aisle. They've always carried a full line of great medicinal and herbal teas as well as hard to find TAZO flavors. My favorite? A great sample box of TAZO teas with 5 different green teas as well as Calm and Passion flavors. Sadly, the entire aisle of interesting and diverse teas has been entirely replaced by their Nature's Best house brand. They seem to be switching the store over to house brands where possible which would explain the coupons I keep receiving for free jars of their Nature's Best peanut butter and jam. Whatever happened to variety? I inquired and was told they won't be carrying any additional brands again at least with the teas. Whole Foods! Hurry!

Fresh Market Makes Progress: Speaking of hurrying, work is moving fairly quickly on the Fresh Market going in at 54th and College in the former Atlas lot. Buildings have been knocked down, ground has been broken, and signs are up. They can't open fast enough for some of us in the area. Here's to progress!


Rachel said...

Do you think the Whole Foods project at 86th & Keystone will continue, now that the Whole Foods chain has purchased the Wild Oats chain? Since there's a Wild Oats nearby in Nora, I wonder whether Whole Foods will proceed with those controversial and expensive plans.

My food at Bahama Breeze has always been good, but the service has failed me on multiple occasions. I don't feel the need to return.

I think The Wharf was on the south side of 82nd, back in the office parks across from the mall (behind Kinko's and the IHOP) and right next to 465. It may have been a Brown Derby at one point? Not sure. It has wood-panel siding, is distinctive from the rest of the buildings around there, and is plainly visible from the highway -- but it's a pain to get to, since you have no alternative to the nightmare that is 82nd street...

braingirl said...

The Whole Foods is absolutely still on track (AFAIK). The sale of Wild Oats to the chain hasn't affected the plan. If you've ever been to a Whole Foods, you'll understand why a) they wouldn't scrap it because of the Wild Oats at NORA and b) that the two will most likely be able to co-exist in peace. If anything, I'd see them eventually closing that Wild Oats, but I'm sure that's a couple of years down the road.

braingirl said...

And thanks for the location fix on where the new place will be. (Who can keep track of all these crazy chains?)