Monday, April 09, 2007

Baja Fresh and Taneko

Waiting for Izakaya: Michael Bauer at the SF Chron has a great post today about izakaya, the popular Japanese small plates/sake bar trend that has never taken off in the US. To this day there are only a a few izakaya-style eateries in the SF Bay area. However, he notes as I have before, the new and successful start up of an izakaya restaurant chain, Taneko Japanese Tavern. Taneko, brought to us by the same folks as PF Changs, has had by all reports a successful launch in Scottsdale. You know I'm not fan of chains unless they're doing something that no one else can. But I'm hoping we get a Teneko here. (We were an early and strong market for PF Chang's so I'm sure we have to be on their list.) I'd eagerly await an independent taking on this same concept, too, but I have a feeling this is one a well-funded chain can be better. Look for me to be as excited as many of you are about Barcelonas Tapas.

Baja Fresh Closes: Ahh, the circle of chain restaurant life. The Star notes that Baja Fresh Mexican Grill has closed its Fishers location on 96th St. last week The company's PR department said the decision "was based on a a variety of business factors..." Apparently, the Greenwood restaurant is closed as well reports Indyness. (I had thought there were more than two locations of this chain in town, but with all the Chipotle's cropping up lately, who can tell.) Via IndyNess.

Hoosier Beer Geeks @ Barley Island this Thursday: Hey, kids, if you've ever wanted to meet the Hoosier Beer Geeks, they'll be sitting down to tap some new brews at Barley Island Brewery this Thursday, April 12 at 8:00 p.m. Head geek Chris contacted brewer owner Jeff Eaton and he gave us a preview and will do a brewery tour for any interested parties. (And hopefully we'll get a chance to chat with brew master Jon Lang.) From Jeff:

The timing is good since we are launching 2 beers in bottles in April. Our Flat Top Wheat Ale just shipped yesterday to our distributor. Next Thursday we may have our seasonal Sheet Metal Blonde (Belgian Wit) ready, if not in bottles then maybe on tap.

For beer geeks like your group, we have Barrel-Aged BarFly IPA on the handpull right now. We also have the fall/winter seasonals still available - Brass Knuckles Oatmeal Stout, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout and Black Majic Java Stout.

Sounds delicious! See you all there!

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