Saturday, April 14, 2007

Culinary Podcasts

I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I do something I love. I am a chef. My whole day is spent fulfilling peoples desire to “live to eat”. I love that. I take it very seriously. I feel sorry for those that have never experienced food at a level they compare to good sex. For those that have had “good sex” food, you can’t get enough. It is an addiction.

When I awaken in the morning my mind is racing about food…Is molecular gastronomy a fad, or will all kitchens be using it in ten years?...What was Chicago thinking with this foie gras thing?...Will worms really crawl out of pork when Coke is poured on it? I play with food all day. I was even listening to food and wine related books on tape during my commute. Unfortunately, I think have listened to all of them. Thank God for podcasts.

There are so many new food podcasts each day I could never catch up. It seems like every food-o-phile thinks they should be podcasting their opinions. Luckily, the Culinary Podcast Network is filtering out the bad podcasts. These podcasts are wonderful. They focus on timely issues and don’t have to follow FCC rules. You can listen to everything from the sommelier from French Laundry to Anthony Bourdain.

As a chef, there a couple I listen to regularly that are not part of the Culinary Podcast Network. I found these through Ipod. The Restaurant Guys are a couple of New Jersey restaurateurs that talk with the best in the industry. There Jersey accents and laid back attitude really bring out great discussions with their guests. There programs run longer then most (45 minutes), but at the end of each show you are left wanting more.

The other that I highly recommend for the winos out there is Wine for Newbies. This podcast was started by a person working for a distributor in Northern Indiana. Last year he started an educational series about wine and it has been expanding ever since. He doesn’t beat around the vine; he gets right to it and tells you the facts. These podcasts can be as short as 5 minutes, or, as long as 53 minutes.

Now, on my way in to work, I learn more about foods from people that have had a food orgasm.
Live to eat.


Christopher Maples said...

You can't forget about Indiana's own The Good Beer Show ( broadcast out of Muncie. They've won the last two Podcast awards in the Food & Beverage category.

braingirl said...

Thanks! I added it.