Thursday, April 12, 2007

Getting Twisted Indy Style

If you came out and tasted Twisted Oak's fantastic wines with us, then you'll be happy to read Jeff's round up at The Good Grape of restaurants and shops carrying their fantastic wines. He has a great list of who's carrying exactly what and even some suggestions for wine/food pairings from some of your local favorites like Brix and L'explorateur. Check it out and in the meantime, for a preview, here's the list:

*Calaveras Syrah: L’Explorateur, Adams Mark, Cork & Cracker
*Calaveras Tempranillo: Payless 96th, Cork & Cracker, 14 West Brix
*The Spaniard: Cork & Cracker, Payless 96th, Grapevine Cottage, Brix
*Calaveras Viognier: Cork & Cracker, Payless 96th
*Red Rhone Blend (also known as the *&^%) Payless 96th, Cork & Cracker
*White Rhone Blend (also known as the #*$!) Payless 96th, Cork & Cracker, Classic Spirits Carmel
*Silvaspoons Verdelho: Payless 96th, Joe’s Butcher Shop Carmel, 14 West, Brix


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sustained love for Twisted Oak.


el jefe said...

I'll second the anonymous motion! Thanks very much for the love and the help!! Hope I get to come out and meet you sometime soon (probably during a race weekend...;-)