Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mid-Week Snack

Deano and Barcelona Tapas: Nothing stirs up the comments like Barcelona Tapas! Everyone is excited about this new place. I'm reserving judgement but am hopeful. In the meantime, Chris over at Hoosier Beer Geeks tells us that Deano (of Deano's Vino) fame has sold his interest in the new Mass Ave wine shop and will be managing partner of Barcelona Tapas.

At least we know they'll have decent beer on tap -- even if it's not Spanish. (Reports are they'll open drawing Delirium Tremens. Yum!)

Check out the Wine Canine: What's the old joke? On the Internet no one knows you're a dog, right? Well in this case, no one knows that the dog, M Zane Grey, who's penning the new blog Wine Canine, isn't a wine expert. So far, he's making his bones, uh, busting his chops, far he's doing pretty darn good for a dog. Grey belongs to Mark Finch, (name fixed, sorry!) "associate wine guy" at Grapevine Cottage in Zionsville and from whom I'm sure he gets most of his info since as a dog, he probably doesn't taste much. Look for info on wines, wine world news, and even a few recipes here and there. All dogs should be so smart. Grapevine Cottage also says Finch is their go-to guy for great wines under $10.

25th and Delaware Market: I'd heard the rumors and this week The Dish confirmed it's true. Christopher Eley will open The Goose in the new retail/residential complex at 25th and Delaware sometime this summer. (Dish says ETA is mid-July.) Look for all kinds of tidbits for neighborhood foodies including artisanal breads, coffee, gelato, and a meat/fish counter. No word on if they'll have a wine selling permit.

Adobo Open for Lunch: In the I-didn't-know-they-weren't-already department, I'm hearing Adobo Grill at 86th and Allisonville is open for lunch as of today. You can pop in for some of their famous guacamole beginning at 11:30 a.m. every day. (Personally, I never understood why they weren't open for the work week mid-day meal already, and only found out after I scheduled a lunch appointment and was turned away.)


superultra said...

Deano is managing the new Tapas spot? At the risk of sounding a little harsh, does that mean that we can expect poor decor, long waits, and over-priced beer? Sigh.

Axlotl said...

Zane Grey's owner is Mark Finch (not Fitch). He used to sell wine for All American, and also was at The Wine Gallery before it was was sold to 21st Amendment.

braingirl said...

thanks for the info! I'll fix his name (that's what I get for not double checking.) It's clear Mark knows his stuff! And his dog's pretty smart, too!